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The First and Second delensions - Latin Help [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Father Judge Latin 3rd Period

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The First and Second delensions [Mar. 30th, 2004|10:20 pm]
Father Judge Latin 3rd Period

The first delension is made up of mostly feminine nouns the tell-tale sign of a first declension noun is ending in -a, -ae.

puella, -ae "girl"

Nom.  puella     puellae

Gen.   puellae    puellarum

Dat.   puellae    puellis

Acc.  puellam    puellas

Abl.   puella      puellis

The second declension contains mostly masculine and neuterthat's which can either be told by an -er ending noun or -us, -um.

gladius, -i "sword"                                                              oppidum, -i  "town"

Nom.  gladius   gladii                                              Nom.  oppidum    oppida

Gen.   gladii       gladiorum                                      Gen.    oppidi       oppidorum

Dat.   gladio        gladiis                                           Dat.    oppido        oppidis

Acc.    gladium     gladios                                        Acc.    oppidum     oppida

Abl.    gladio        gladiis                                          Abl.     oppido        oppidis

vir, -i "man"

Nom.  vir           viri

Gen.   viri          virorum

Dat.    viro          viris

Acc.    virum       viros

Abl.     viro         viris